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TISC goes to the Theatre

 ★★★★ “Sexy; A beautiful play. Hard not to fall in love with” – Toronto Star

  Bunny was commissioned by the Stratford Festival Theatre and premiered there two seasons ago.  The reviews gave it high praise.  Now it's coming to the Tarragon Theatre.

  On Sunday 25 February Tarragon will stage Bunny in a preview matinee performance.  At the very reasonable price of $30 per ticket, about half the price of a regular run performance.  

  If you're interested, please email Cathy Adorian, our Social Director by Tuesday 13 February.  There are good restaurants near the theatre, so you might want to follow up the performance over dinner and lively conversation with your TISC friends. 

  "A deeply thought, richly layered play about coming into ones own, secrets, friendship, and the intoxicating lure of sex in all the wrong places."  - Lynn Slotkin 



Wednesday 31 January 2018.  6:00 pm sharp.

  Metro Hall Room 309.  55 John St.  M5V 3C6

Documents also forming part of this Notice:  WGM Agenda and WGM Proxy Form

It is important for all members to attend, ask questions and get involvein the future of our club. 

If you can't attend and are a voting (i.e. Sailinor Honorary) member, please vote by using the Proxy form.

The business to be transacted at this meeting will be:

1. Adoption of the Agenda (Secretary)

2. Approval of Minutes of Fall General Meeting held on September 17,2017.  (Secretary)

3. Consideration and Approval of 2018 Budget

a.  Remarks by Commodore

b.  Presentation of Budget (Treasurer & other Exec)

4. Report from Commodore

a. Adoption of Code of Conduct including Harassment Policy

b. Amendment of TISC By-law Section 13, Disciplinary Committee

5. Other Business, including Member Motions (see Agenda)

To add an item to the Agenda

To propose an additional meeting item, the deadline is 26 January 2017. To do this: emaithe Secretary,  Patrick Rivers, stating the exact subject and what action you desire (such as an update, discussion, amendment, or motion).

Members may also propose motions or initiate discussions athe meeting under Other Business.

Reference Materials

The following documents will be posted in the WGM section of the Members Only website page :

  1. Notice of Meeting for the WGM

  2. Agenda of the Winter General Meeting, to be held Wednesday 31 January 2018

  3. Minutes of the Fall General Meeting held 17 September 2017

  4. Report of the Finance Committee on FY16/17

  5. Proposed 2018 Budget

  6. Proxy Form

  7. Revised Code of Conduct, incorporating harassment as well as procedures for alleged infractions of the Code.

Voting by Proxy

Voting members (sailing and honorary members), may vote by proxy and for your convenience a form of proxy is included along with thinotice. Anyone may hold a proxy, including social and non-members.  All proxy forms must be completed accurately and received by theSecretary in advance of the published deadline.

To be valid, the signed proxy must be deposited by one of the followingmethods:

1. By email: received at secretary@torontosailing.com by 12:00pm onTuesday 30January 2018

2. In person: received by the club secretary, Patrick Rivers, before 5:45pm on Wednesday 31January 2018

3.By mail: received at the TISC mailbox by 5:00 pm on Friday 26 January 2018.  (P.O, Box 64017, ShoppersDrug Mart, 200 Bay Street, Toronto, ON, M5J 2T6) 

If you have questions about this Notice, please contact Patrick Rivers, Secretary

If you want to sail without the expense and hassle of owning your own boat, then TISC is the place for you!  Even if you're not sailing at the moment, you can join to enjoy the camaraderie and social events at your very own 'cottage in the city'.

TISC is a not-for-profit, member-run sailing club on Centre Island, just minutes from the downtown core. With its stunning views of Toronto’s skyline and quiet woodland setting, TISC has flourished for more than 50 years as a community club

Spend your summer with TISC!

As a TISC sailing member, you'll have access to our fleet of Albacore dinghies - including 4 brand new Ovington Albacores, Lasers, and Hobie Catamarans - and our spectacularly located clubhouse

Between our unique Midweek SailingLearn to Sail (education) and racing programs, as well as our social events, TISC has something for sailors at any skill level.  

If you're not sailing this season, you can still join in the fun any day or night by becoming a social member.

It's easy to get to TISC! TISC has the most idyllic location of any sailing club in Toronto. We're located only minutes from downtown Toronto via the TIM Tender or Centre Island ferry.

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There's something for you at TISC!

Never set foot in a boat? No problem! Our CANSail courses prepare you to be out on the water quickly and safely.  

Our Midweek Social Sailing program — unique to our club — pairs new members with experienced sailors to learn the art of sailing at their own pace. 

Want to sail fast? TISC races in the Friday Night Race series, Harbour Master events, and Regattas throughout the summer.

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