CAA Race training

Below is an invitation from the Canadian Albacore Association's Allan Measor for Sundays of training on May 27th, June 24thJuly 29th.

For the purpose of getting a group of TISC sailors organized and sharing information and perhaps transportation, we've created "events". 

It is mandatory that you register or cancel your registration 7-days in advance of each clinic. You're not obligated to sign up for the TISC "events".  


Hi Fellow Sailors, 

Looking forward to see you all on the race course in 2018.  The CAA (Canadian Albacore Association) will be trying a new education format this year.  Our aim is to have more continuous education, greater participation, and a greater exchange of skills. Neptune once noted that the best way to learn is by sailing with someone more experienced! So we will be pairing experienced sailors (crew or helm) with those interested in gaining improved racing skills.


  • Three Sundays have been chosen, May27June24July 29, from 1230-300. 
  • For each date, We will be matching students with instructors, from the same clubs where possible. All 5 Toronto clubs are encouraged to participate.
  • Instructors can be crew or helm, depending on learning goals.
  • A typical session would include a 20-minute brief, following by practice from 60-minutes , followed by two shorter races. A 20-minute debrief would follow.

Qualification to be an Instructor:

  • Member of the CAA or Member of a Community Club and
  • Final results in the top third of the FNR series, HM series or a local regatta. Crew or Helm.

Qualification to be a student

  • Completion of CanSail2 + one full season + previous completion of 2 club race training sessions
  • Alternatively, participation in 4 or more races, from Friday Night, Harbour Master or a regatta.

Steps to Signup

  1. You must signup 1 week ahead of time to allow for matching.
  2. Add your name to the link below, for any date your are interested in.
  4. link will also be posted on CAA site

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Allan Measor (

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